My Approach

“Healing is about taking the time to notice what gets in the way of feeling connected to your life, your community, and your sense of possibility.  Healing, at its core, is about slowing down so that we can better listen, to ourselves and each other.”
— Susan Raffo

My approach to therapy starts with curiosity, play, and meeting you where you are at. I believe firstly, we are humans seeking to connect. My training prioritizes that knowledge–how we as humans connect and how those connections or disconnections impact many aspects of our lives, usually in the form of stress, trauma, or relationship issues.

My theoretical orientation comes from a somatic (or body-based) approach. I think of the body as an integral source of information which can help guide us to processing challenges, stress, trauma, and well-being. I am also psychodynamic or relationally trained – using the relationship between therapist and client to be the microcosm for outside relationships. I find tremendous influence from mindfulness, neuroscience, attachment theory, feminist and sociocultural theory. Together we explore your background and lived experiences – exploring how your race, ethnicity, culture, gender, sexual orientation, and familial/other significant relationships have influenced your state of being.

I believe healing develops from a place of self-compassion, acceptance and belonging, and a deeper understanding of self and other. As well as actual nervous system change which happens through learning emotional regulation techniques and effective communication tools. In my experience, the journey involves the integration of the fiercest parts of oneself; both darkness and light. I am deeply honored to do this work and look forward to an opportunity to work with you.